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How to Create a Successful Data Quality Consultancy [Multiple Dates]

The Data Quality and Data Governance sectors are growing rapidly, which is leading to considerable opportunities for new consultants or existing firms looking to capitalise.

But there's a problem - competition

In a fiercely competitive marketplace the answer is to position yourself as 'The Specialist' through content marketing and then build growth systems on the back-end to translate attention into closed business.​

Sounds great - but where do you start?​ What systems should you put in place? How can you position your data consultancy for success?

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How to Transform Data Quality Dimensions into Operational Data Quality Rules

Data Quality Dimensions are one of the most common terms used in data quality but many practitioners struggle to implement them effectively.

The end result is formulaic reports and statistical charts that fail to give the business the right information to take action with data quality.

In this webinar, Dylan Jones (founder of Data Quality Pro) will give practical examples of how you can deploy data quality dimensions that drive engagement, motivation and action within the business community.

The presenter will draw on more than 20 years operational experience of implementing Data Quality Dimensions and data quality rules in a range of environments spanning telecoms, healthcare, retail, utilities and finance.

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