Uniserv Technology Interview featuring David Mead

Uniserv Technology Interview 

featuring David Mead

We regularly feature interviews with Technology and Services suppliers on Data Quality Pro so that members can learn more about their approach and solutions.

In this interview I speak with David Mead of Uniserv to find out more about the background of Uniserv, the recent identity resolution innovations they have developed and what their future roadmap looks like.

To find out more about Uniserv please visit their website 

Dylan Jones: Can you briefly describe the history of Uniserv?


David Mead: Uniserv is the biggest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe with an internationally usable software portfolio and services for data management.

It is an independent privately owned organization that was formed in 1969 with its headquartered in Pforzheim, Germany. We comprise of 130 data quality professionals based in the US, UK, France and Germany.

Our focus is to deliver data quality solutions into all sectors of the marketplace with a particular expertise in the financial, retail and manufacturing sectors.

Uniserv solutions support customers with initiatives for data quality projects within data integration, data migration and consolidation as well as data synchronization.

Common projects for example are in the environment of CRM applications, e-Business, direct and database marketing, CDI /MDM applications, data warehousing and business intelligence.

With several thousand installations worldwide, Uniserv serves the expectation of a comprehensive solution for all business data throughout the entire data life cycle. All solutions are available as On-Premise installed or delivered as a web service.

Uniserv also offers a number of certified and “ready to go” plugin’s for solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com and MSCRM.

We are one of the oldest Independent Data Management companies in the marketplace and have been trading for some 43 years. We have gone through all stages of Data Quality Management – from the times when it meant simple address management until now, when we have to deal with such complex projects as data migration or integration.

By the way, we were the first ever company to offer a certified SAP Data Quality solution. Also, a valuable step for us as a Data Management industry player was including Uniserv in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools.

Dylan Jones: What is the focus right now? Where are Uniserv innovating?


David Mead: Uniserv is currently focusing on a hype topic which can leverage the effectiveness of any business that deals with customers: identity resolution.

Customer Identity Resolution is the prerequisite for successful CRM and CEM.

Today, it’s not just about deduplication as part of your data quality management. The ability to provide all information about your customers in the overall context and forming information blocks cumulated from different channels results in a precise multi-channel picture with an added value of information.

Deduplication allows you to reduce costs, while gaining information about each of your customers increases the generated revenue and lowers risks.

Dylan Jones: Do your products mostly focus with a particular type of data e.g. customer? What are some of the typical solution scenarios you get involved with?

David Mead: Yes, Uniserv solutions are most suitable for customer data.

Knowledge around and about the customer has now become critical for gaining a competitive advantage. To be able to form a sustainable bond between customer and product, brand, service and company, you must get to know your customers well.

Pre-requirement for a 360° view of your customers is consistent, up-to-date, readily-available customer main data. With the Customer Data Hub – the MDM solution from Uniserv – companies can manage their critical customer data fast and effectively.

Our target is to maintain the quality of business-critical data at the highest possible level during its entire lifecycle. The Uniserv portfolio contains products covering the complete data quality cycle; from the analysis of data stocks and initial cleansing, to the implementation of a data quality firewall in applications to hinder contamination of running data, and on to continuous monitoring of the level of data quality achieved.

Uniserv improves the value of customer‘s data with more than 3,500 installations & projects worldwide:

  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management (CRM)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Data Warehousing (DW)
  • eBusiness
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Enterprise Resource
  • Planning (ERP)
  • Direct & Database Marketing
  • Mikro- & Geomarketing

Dylan Jones: Which product are you seeing a lot of traction around in the marketplace and why do you think that is?

David Mead: For the last 40 plus years Uniserv has built up an unrivalled level of Global Reference Data which is unique in the marketplace and is very often favoured by our customers. 

With country specific matching engines for both address validation and Identity Resolution, this gives a higher quality matching capability based on country specific rules and nuances. As opposed to competitors, Uniserv promotes its solutions based on high quality and measurable results.

For many internationally-operating companies the biggest challenge is to maintain a satisfactorily high level of data quality across country borders and at all locations. This is where the Data Management Solutions from Uniserv guarantee an intelligent combination of Data Quality and Data Integration, no matter what needs for excellent data quality may be. 

Whether for operative or analytical applications, successful system migrations and consolidations, creation of Master Data Management systems, using the Uniserv solutions in SaaS mode locally (on the premises), or in hybrid operation – with our Data Management solutions we will support companies with all of their different project scenarios.

Dylan Jones: Have you witnessed any shifts or subtle trends in the demands companies are placing on their data management software in recent years?

David Mead: Now it’s not only mid-level managers who understand the danger of bad data. More C-Level executives are buying into the issues around data quality and its importance in business decisions. 

From our point of view, the next big thing in Data Management is the ability to identify who is your customer, what are their interests, what are they doing in both their free and work time. This is the major challenge for the companies who – willingly or unwillingly – are already starting to deal with Data Management. 

Customer Identity Resolution should help companies address the challenges in dealing with customer identity data: this is the data from different sources which allows to correctly and specifically identify a customer, a vendor, a buyer, an opinion maker, a patient, a taxpayer, a criminal, etc.

Another trend is the increase in cross border trade and the need to perform Global Address Validation in different languages. In order to succeed, you need to ensure that addresses are both deliverable for online retail but also valid for credit/compliance checks.

Dylan Jones: What is on the roadmap for Uniserv – where are you headed next?

David Mead: We are now working on the widening of our product offering in terms of Data Governance monitoring. 

Information Governance is a critical success factor for Information Management in the company: Information Management requires a suitable organization with clear roles and responsibilities, it needs correct and rigorous processes and policies (the “rules”), and, last but not least, it needs the right technology and the appropriate platform, on which Information Governance can be mapped. Trustworthy data can be provided by means of Information Governance of this kind. 

The consequence is the fulfillment of all the demands which Compliance puts on data.

About David Mead

Having had over a 15 years experience within the data industry, Dave has been working with businesses of all sizes and across a variety of vertical markets, to improve their business processes.

His new challenge is to develop and build the partner network in the UK & US for Uniserv. This allows him to further his passion for International Data Quality projects and get more involved in Big Data applications.

In the past five years, Dave have focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for client with International data, improving profitability and customer service for his clients by reinforcing the importance of data quality as the cornerstone of any business. He have worked with companies such as Barclaycard, Ford Europe and Nectar on such projects.

Dave has also led the implementation of several International data quality programmes at FTSE and Fortune 100 organisations. 

David can be reached via the Uniserv website .