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About Nicola Askham

Nicola's experience in coaching both regulatory and non-regulatory organisations to design and implement full data governance frameworks, is unique within the Data Governance field.

The coaching approach enables organisations to self manage the process beyond initial implementation.

Nicola’s coaching and Data Governance workshops, including Solvency II, ensures an organisation’s data governance framework is embedded as an integral part of the “business as usual” policy.

The benefit is that once the framework is in place the organisation will be confident, competent and compliant.

Nicola is a Director and Committee Member of DAMA UK, on the Expert Panel of Data Quality Pro and has been presenting on data governance at International Conferences for six years. She has presented at many IRM UK London Conferences on Data Governance, but also at several company specific events and as well as Enterprise Data World, Enterprise Dataversity, the International Data Quality Summit and the Data Governance and Information Quality Conferences in the US.

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Twitter: @nicola_askham and @TheDataGovCoach


Telephone: +44 7854 983700

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