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Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien is a leading expert on Data Privacy, Data Governance, and Information Quality Management. He has written two books on Data Governance Strategy (for Ark Group) and has contributed chapters on Data Privacy and Agile Data Governance for Regulatory Compliance to a number of others.

He is the Managing Director of Castlebridge Associates, a leading boutique Data Governance and Data Privacy consulting company that works with organisations of a range of sizes to help them understand how data-driven compliance is just another quality characteristic of information and how the reactive strategies of the last 50 years are no longer fit for purpose.

Daragh is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, a member of the IAPP, a DAMA-International Advisor, and has provided advisory support on a range of government policy issues relating to Data Governance and Data Protection in Ireland.

DQPVS 1: The Three Legged Stool – How Data Privacy Compliance is Supported by Data Governance and Data Quality Practices

DQPVS 2: Understanding Privacy Impact Assessments for Information Governance, Quality, Ethics and Success