Profile – Christoph Samitsch

About Christoph Samitsch

I was born in Austria and now work as a software developer for an American business consulting firm called Lutz.

I am a passionate climber, skier, and soccer player, and I have always been extremely interested in IT not only from a technical perspective. This is why I started my professional career as a software developer about five years ago while at the same time I started my Master’s program in Management and IT. I went to College in Austria, but began to realize very soon that I would want to go abroad and see things from a different perspective. I have always seen America as the land of opportunities and after my first time in the states as an exchange student in 2011 I already knew that I would want to go back there again. During my Master’s program in Austria the doors were wide open for me to do so. I was given the option to participate in an international dual Master’s program with University of Nebraska in Omaha and Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. One of the things I value so much was that I was able to gain lots of cultural experience with people from all over the world. Through my program I also chose to compose a Master thesis leaning towards the topic of data quality. This may be because of the fact that data quality is ubiquitous in the world of a software engineer. It took me some time to figure out what it is that companies could most benefit from in regards to a contribution to knowledge in this very field. After performing a literature review on data quality, I found that a lot of times industry leaders would talk about a linkage between data quality and decision-making and how this would influence organizational performance in many ways. This I wanted to investigate further, so I chose to write my thesis about the relationship between data quality and decision-making. After graduating from both colleges, I took a full time job as a software developer. Being busy with my job, I started disconnecting from the topic of data quality. Just recently, when I thought about picking up on this again and probably doing more research on data quality, Data Quality Pro got in touch with me. This may be the starting point for an ever-increasing personal interest in bringing practical and theoretical approaches of research in data quality closer to a point from where companies can increase profitability in the long-term.

DQPVS 1: Data Quality and Its Impacts on Decision-Making