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How to assess the quality of your business definitions (by Mirjam Visscher)

In this article, data governance expert Mirjam Visscher provides details of how to improve your business definitions using a Definition Quality Indicator process. I have built business glossaries for companies who want to get a grip on the meaning of the words they use. I didn’t write the definitions by myself; I asked experts in the matter […]

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Operationalising Data Governance and BCBS239 – Interview with Taher Borsadwala

Initiatives like BCBS239 are a great starting point for making data governance operational and getting some core processes ‘baked in’ to the organisation. In this post, I interview Taher Borsadwala, to learn more about his experience of implementing and operationalising BCBS239.Dylan Jones: What is your background, how did you get started in the profession? Taher Borsadwala: I […]

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10 Reasons Why Data Quality and Data Governance Initiatives Fail

With her extensive experience in leading Data Quality and Governance initiatives in different domains, Purvi Ramchandani, Certified Information Management Professional Expert (CIMP-Ex), describes ten situations when Data Quality and Data Governance initiatives have a higher probability to fail:1. When the focus is on working in a reactive mode instead of a proactive modeAccording to a […]

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