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1 How to Apply MDM to Policy Management, interview with FX Nicolas of Semarchy

Data policy management often a scattered and disjointed affair with no real cohesion taking place around the organisation but Master Data Management (MDM) help?

What does MDM offer in terms of improved governance, compliance security and control?

In this interview Francois-Xavier (FX) of the “Evolutionary MDM” suppliers Semarchy, shares some insights into how MDM can help with policy management, he also dispels some of the myths surrounding MDM and data governance.

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Modelling for Master Data Management: Expert interview with John Owens

Master Data Management (MDM) has rapidly become one of the most in-demand skills within the data management industry.

One of the core skills that practitioners require to deliver MDM is the ability to construct and manage a variety of data and functional models.

To help members understand the techniques involved I recently interviewed international modelling expert John Owens of Integrated Modeling Method.

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Transitioning to Enterprise MDM: The Change Management Process

Transitioning to Enterprise MDM: The Change Management Processby Mike FergusonIn this detailed article by Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies we learn one of the more overlooked disciplines that is pivotal to MDM success – change management.As an analyst and consultant, Mike specialises in business intelligence and enterprise business integration. With over 28 years of […]

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