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How to Achieve a Long-Term Data Governance Career: Nicola Askham Interview

In this interview, Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, talks at length about her career in Data Governance. Nicola discusses how she has transitioned from being a permanent employee to running her own data governance practice as well as operating in both the commercial and public sector. There are lots of practical tips to note and you […]

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How to Mature Data Quality and Data Governance by Stealth – Interview with James Phare of Data to Value

Data Governance by Stealth How do you create traction with data governance and data quality when your organisation is wary of these initiatives due to past historical projects that didn’t live up to expectations? In this interview with James Phare of UK data management consultants, Data to Value, we learn how James helped a past employer […]

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1 Data Governance Definitions: The Catalogue of Terms

​What definition should you use to describe your data governance initiative? The vast majority of your organisation will be unfamiliar with the term data governance so it helps to create a definition that they can understand. Without a clear definition, you will struggle to communicate the benefit and value that your initiatives bring. Data Governance: List of […]

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Tech Briefing: Data Governance – Beyond Definitions, into the Business Reality of Data

Data definitions are central to any data governance solution. At the same time data governance initiatives often struggle to drive real change as it is definitional and pure governance work fail to engage the business community. More often than not data quality and alignment issues are people issues and your data governance initiative will need to […]

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Tech Briefing: A Pragmatic guide to BCBS239 compliance: inventorise, connect and control

  BCBS239 explicitly challenges the silo driven structure of firms today with clear requirements to bring a holistic enterprise understanding of risk data, risk data aggregation & reporting.  In the following Tech Briefing webinar recording, Data Governance expert Patrick Dewald of Diaku demonstrates how their innovative technological solution enables financial institutions to capture data aggregation building […]

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Daragh O Brien Interview : IGQIE 2014 and the latest EU Data Protection news

Daragh O Brien of Castlebridge Associates has been a regular contributor to Data Quality Pro expert articles over the years, specialising in Data Protection, Data Governance and Data Quality. This year marks the second anniversary of the Information Governance and Quality Ireland event that Daragh has been responsible for hosting. I recently caught up with […]

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How to successfully deliver a corporate data quality program – Sherry Michaels interview

What does it take to deliver a large, complex data quality initiative in a heavily regulated industry? How do you get senior leaders bought-in and data stewards empowered?

These are just some of insights shared by Sherry Michaels, currently Data Quality Program Manager for The Hartford, and a data quality leader for over a decade.

Sherry has 3 decades of insurance experience and talks openly about the practical techniques she has adopted to help mature data quality, data governance and data stewardship across her past projects.

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How to Design, Build and Execute a Data Governance Framework; interview with Guy Harvey

One of the most rewarding aspects of running Data Quality Pro is getting to meet practitioners who are maturing their organisational approach to data quality and data governance. 

It’s particularly rewarding when we meet practitioners who are achieving these objectives in the not-for-profit sector as in the case of our latest interview with Guy Harvey, a data governance practitioner who has been helping Sanctuary Housing roll out an entire data governance framework.

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How to Align Data Quality and Data Governance – The Mark Allen interview

As organisations mature they invariably wish to extend the reach of their data quality and data governance initiatives but how can they do this effectively? How can they ensure that there is no overlap and that everyone is focused on the same goal? 

In this interview with expert Mark Allen we explore how various business and IT alignment issues impact ability to successfully execute enterprise data governance and data quality programs. Mark also provides insights for how to address these alignment issues.

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Tech Briefing: Diaku Axon – Data Governance and Knowledge Management Solution

Diaku Axon is a web-based collaborative solution for enabling Data Governance and Knowledge Management across the entire organisation. In this Data Quality Pro tech briefing Diaku director Patrick Dewald provides a 30 minute introduction to the data governance approach of Diaku and how Axon helps in a range of governance, compliance and knowledge management scenarios. Please […]

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Exploding the Myth of “Data is an Asset”

“Data is an Asset” is one of those terms that frequently gets bandied around within management circles but is there a reality gap between intent and execution?

In this guest post from expert panellist and director of Diaku, Patrick Dewald, we get an insiders view on some of the myths and paradoxes of data strategy. Patrick also shares  insights on where organisations possibly need to refocus their efforts.


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Beyond Data Governance: Discussing the Evolution of Data Governance, featuring Patrick Dewald and Darius Clayton of Diaku

What is it like to deliver data governance capabilities into large organisations on the front-line and what should organisations be doing to go beyond Data Governance?

These are just some of the topics I put to Data Governance practitioners Patrick Dewald and Darius Clayton. They form part of the team at Diaku, a company that specialises in Data Governance services but who have also been winning praise for their innovative Axon Data Governance software.

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2 How to Use Data Migration as a Springboard for Ongoing Data Quality Management, with Bryn Davies

Bryn Davies of Infoblueprint, a South African consultancy ​specialising in Data Quality, Governance and Data Migration services, provides a range of tips for helping project teams to “bed down” data quality and governance capabilities that are sustained long after the migration is completed.

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The Soft Skills Of A Data Governance Consultant: Featuring Nicola Askham, Data Governance Coach

What does it take to consult on data governance at a senior level? What innate skills and abilities do you need to help shape the data governance direction of large, complex organisations? One of the UK’s most respected (and sought after) data governance experts, Nicola Askham, took time out to answer my questions on the softer […]

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How to Deliver Enterprise Data Quality Management: The Jay Zaidi Interview

What does it take to deliver an holistic enterprise data quality solution across one of the world’s largest and most data intensive organisations?

In this detailed interview, Jay Zaidi provides a huge amount of practical, actionable advice for anyone looking to take their data quality initiative to the wider organisation. 

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Jill Dyché Shares 3 Tips For Data Governance Consultants That Wish To Go Solo

I recently interviewed Jill Dyché (see Jill Dyché Interview: Data Governance and Data Quality Advice for Practitioners and Leaders). It was a great experience to finally meet her away from the virtual world we normally frequent. As ever Jill imparted knowledge and wisdom with effortless ease but one of the questions I most wanted to ask came […]

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Jill Dyché Interview: Data Governance and Data Quality Advice for Practitioners and Leaders

When should you enlist an executive sponsor for your Data Governance initiative? What are the 3 things you must focus on when launching your own personal Data Governance business? What’s the difference between a framework and a strategy?

Jill Dyché kindly took time out from her busy conference schedule to answer these and many other questions that are commonly asked by members. 

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Transitioning to Enterprise MDM: The Change Management Process

Transitioning to Enterprise MDM: The Change Management Processby Mike FergusonIn this detailed article by Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies we learn one of the more overlooked disciplines that is pivotal to MDM success – change management.As an analyst and consultant, Mike specialises in business intelligence and enterprise business integration. With over 28 years of […]

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The Data Zoo by Julian Schwarzenbach

​The Data Zooby Julian SchwarzenbachHow do personality and behaviour impact the success of your data quality project? In this feature, expert panelist and active community member Julian Schwarzenbach of Data and Process Advantage publishes an excellent white paper covering his popular series on different data behaviours and how they can impact data quality – the data […]

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How to Cost-Effectively Satisfy UK FSA Requirements for Single Customer View

How to Cost-Effectively Satisfy UK FSA Requirements for Single Customer View by Ken O’Connor The UK Financial Services Authority have recently implemented a new policy that affects many UK financial institutions. The policy relates to the implementation of a “Single Customer View” (SCV) requirement for certain organisations that fall within their guidelines. In this post […]

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IQM-CMM: Information Quality Management Capability Maturity Model with Saša Baškarada

IQM-CMM: Information Quality Management Capability Maturity Model” by Saša Baškarada has been published by the German Association for Information and Data Quality.

Dr.Baškarada has an extensive background in the field of information and data quality so I recently caught up with him to find out more about his goals for the book and how he feels it will benefit organisations on their information quality journey.

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Identifying Duplicate Customer Records: An MDM Case Study With Dalton Cervo of Sun Microsystems

In any MDM initiative duplicate records will present a major challenge but when an organisation attempts to consolidate 800+ systems into a single customer hub the challenge is made all the greater.

We recently caught up with Dalton Cervo, Customer Data Quality Lead at Sun, to learn how his organisation is tackling an MDM initiative of this scale.

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Introduction to Guerilla Data Governance: An interview with Mike Meier

In this, our continuing series of articles relating to data governance, we speak with data governance and data quality expert Mike Meier.

Mike has formulated an approach he terms “Guerilla Data Governance” and regularly presents at his blog and industry events his experiences of improving data governance without executive backing, budget and dedicated resources.

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The Data Governance Imperative: Steve Sarsfield Interview

If you are active within the data quality and data governance community then chances are you will have come across Steve Sarsfield and his excellent Data Governance and Data Quality Insider blog.

Steve has also published an excellent book, aptly titled “The Data Governance Imperative” so I caught up with him to find out more about some of the topics in the book and to pose some of the many questions organisations face when launching data governance initiatives.

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