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The Challenge:

As a data management consultancy owner or practice leader, you know that you need to equip your team and clients with the very latest innovations in data quality and data management technology.

Your problem?

You don't have the budget.

The costs are simply too high to train your entire team and procure the latest advances in data management technology.

This makes it harder for you to deliver innovative client services and compete on a level playing field with other consultancies.

The Solution:

Experian recognise the unique abilities that specialist data management consultancies provide to their clients.

Which is why we give you our groundbreaking data quality and data management software solution, Experian Aperture, for free as a member of the Experian Advocates program.

We work with you to develop go-to-market propositions that leverage our joint strengths - the market presence and capability of Experian Aperture combined with your specialist consulting.

The result is a formidable market offering that you can deliver at zero up-front cost and 100% customised to the needs of your target clients.

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Suriya Subramanian

Managing Director - FinPerform

A friendly reminder to those in data management - if you have not joined the Experian Advocates club, I strongly urge you to consider this.

It's a great way to keep updated on the latest in data management both in terms of technology and opportunities. This should be one of the goals of 2019.

As a seasoned Data Migration consultant the ability to rapidly perform a comprehensive assessment of the quality of my client’s data and provide the visual insights directly to the business community is incredibly powerful.

Daniel Allen, DTA Consulting

5 Reasons to Join the Experian Advocates Program


Rapid Results

A major benefit enjoyed by members of the program is the speed with which they can get installed and delivering value through our data management Experian Aperture Data Studio solution.


These tools are quick to learn, easy to use and provide unrivalled performance for faster, higher-quality deliverables.


Expand Your Portfolio of Propositions

Many consultants choose to build and own intellectual property (IP) that can be delivered through our solutions, for instance, custom rules, transformations, glossaries or bespoke reference data.

This benefit is passed along to your clients as unique capabilities that can’t be matched by the competition.


Simple Administration

Unlike other data management platforms, Experian solutions have a self-administering architecture.

Experian Data Management solutions run on commodity hardware without any 3rd party database installs for a more cost-effective consultancy offering.


Flexible Commercials

By incorporating our data and solutions into your service portfolio, you can generate revenue in a variety of ways, from simple referrals and lease arrangements through to fully managed license deals.

Our commercial package operates on a sliding scale of commission that rewards you based on the effort you put in in a flexible manner, helping grow your profits.


Join a Network of Specialist Consultancies

Central to the Experian Advocates Program is an active community of industry-leading consultants and specialists.

Experian frequently calls on this network to collaborate on exciting opportunities that leverage our collective strengths. By joining this network, at no cost, you get to build your associate and resourcing pool, further enhancing your ability to scale and grow your firm.


"Experian is to be applauded for biting the bullet and developing a product suitable
for the third decade of this century."

Philip Howard: Bloor Research

What type of consultancy benefits from free Experian Advocates membership?

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Membership is and always will be free and has enabled over a hundred individuals to create more valuable consulting propositions and drive revenues by utilising our technology and network.

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Alex Boast - Advocacy & Propositions Lead, Experian