VIDEO: How to create a rapid Data Quality Assessment

Sometimes we need to deliver data quality assessments in a very tight timeframe. Perhaps you have limited access to a system or maybe you have a deadline for a business case looming.

Despite these time constraints, your assessment still needs to be relevant and beneficial to the business, particularly if you’re trying to build a business case for taking action with data quality. 

In this video tutorial by Dylan Jones, editor of Data Quality Pro, we learn of an effective data quality assessment strategy that was able to create high impact ‘data quality stories’ often within one day. These stories helped convince some of the world’s largest organisations to take action and invest in data quality improvement. 

This webinar outlines the exact approach used on his engagements, covering topics such as: 

  • How to combine pareto (80/20) analysis for greater assessment focus 
  • Why inside-out and outside-in analysis is critical to assessment success 
  • How to mine data that is truly ‘out of the box’ to bring context to your story 
  • Preparation is everything – how to prepare for a rapid assessment 

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