Data Quality Pro Spotlight: 3rd May 2013

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Data Quality Spotlight

British Army data quality programme tackles ‘whole army’ concept

Brian McKenna reports on a recent Martin Richley presentation at the IRM Data Governance Conference in London that outlined the future strategy for data quality in the UK armed forces.

Using Data Quality Tools for Classification

David Loshin outlines a creative method for using data quality and parsing tools to improve customer centricity.

How to Create a Data Quality Firewall and SLA

Data Quality Pro post giving some practical tips for getting started with creating a data quality firewall for the first time, updated to include an SLA template outline.

Asset in, Garbage Out: Measuring data degradation

Rob Karel provides a great post with plenty of detail around measuring the different types of data degradation.

Obtaining Executive Buy-in for Data Quality

Gary Allemann provides some pointers for getting senior management onside with your data quality vision.

Getting Schooled on Measurement

Jim Harris writing on the Data Roundtable provides some interesting viewpoints on where traditional measurement may be missing the point.

Data Governance and MDM Spotlight


Dealing With New Disruptions to Data Governance

Slideshow from Tamir Segal and Ed Hallock provide some short slides and food for thought on future disruptions that will impact your data governance aspirations.

A Banking Dichotomy

An interesting viewpoint from one Nick Davey, a soon to be churning, customer of a Bank that has implemented a data governance policy that effectively eliminates a major swathe of the population.

Data Governance Begins at the Spreadsheet

Bob Lambert cites the need for far greater peer review of spreadsheets to prevent some of the recent financial reporting and research mistakes that have resulted from poor spreadsheet governance.

How is Social MDM Different

Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen talks about the differences between his take on Social MDM and more traditional approaches.

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