How To Make Data Quality Sound Interesting by Richard White

Do your workplace peers and seniors glaze over when you discuss the merits of your data quality skills? Do you secretly cringe at the thought of having to network for new data quality clients at trade events or online?

Richard White, resident Data Quality Pro business coach and all-round business development guru provides some practical advice for anyone looking to sharpen those data quality introductions.

I was recently speaking at an event about how to win more business from networking and a lady called Ann came up to speak with me afterwards.

She introduced herself as a data quality consultant and went on to explain that one of the biggest problems she faced as a freelancer was her failure to make data quality sound interesting. Ann explained that she meets lots of people who ought to be interested in her services but she felt she was boring them with her explanations of data quality.

Ann’s problem is a common one, especially with IT consultants and fortunately the answer is quite simple:

Don’t try and explain what you do! Believe me they probably won’t care much!

The way to make data quality sound interesting is by relating it to something they are interested in – themselves!

The easiest way is to talk about someone you have worked with in a similar job or a similar company. Don’t bore them with what you did. Instead you should talk about the people and the problem they had and how why they decided they needed your help.

The chances are they will be experiencing similar problems themselves or at least someone in their company will. If not they may have had them in the past and overcome them. Either way, you are bound to get them talking.

When done well the people you talk to will begin to tell to you about the data horror stories in their organization which opens the door to creating a sales lead.

So if you are struggling to make data quality interesting, stop talking about data quality and start talking about you clients and the problems that data quality issues was creating for them – and how they benefited from working with you.

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