Technology Briefing: ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager featuring Peter Benson

In this latest episode of our Technology Briefing series we showcase the ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager in a presentation by Peter Benson, ECCMA Executive Director and also ISO 8000 Project Leader.

About ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager:

“The ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager (eCDM™) leverages ISO 22745, the international standard for open technical dictionaries, and the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary eOTD®), the world’s largest repository of over three million concepts with associated multilingual terminology collected from international, national and industry standards, as well as, industry glossaries and classifications.

Use the eCDM to create a corporate dictionary from spreadsheets, forms, reports and data models. A dictionary steward can monitor how the dictionary is used throughout the organization, as well as, identify and solve inconsistencies in the use of the organization’s terminology.”

Technology Briefing: ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager

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