The 2015 Data Quality Pro Virtual Summit is now open

I’m delighted to announce that the 2015 Data Quality Pro Virtual Summit is now available. This is the first online conference exclusively for the Data Quality and Data Governance profession.

Everything is on-demand so you can study each presentation again and again, at your own pace, at work or at home.

The Virtual Summit also includes Learning Modules, a series of online Q&A’s and detailed study aids to help cement your understanding of each presentation and implement a range of assignments to benefit your career or project.

Main Features:

  • Over 20 pre-recorded presentations from some of the world’s leading authors and practitioners
  • Learn at home or work, on any device
  • Learning Modules that feature questions and study aids to help accelerate and extend your learning
  • Speaker panel sessions and Q&A’s
  • Team package available for group study
  • Lifetime access to 2015 presentations
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Find out more: and please let me know if you have any questions or require more information –

Discount Available:

We are currently offering a 25% discount until 30th July 2015.

Presentations Included:

  • Keynote Presentation: Getting in Front of Data Quality by Tom Redman (author): “the Data Doc”, CEO Navesink Consulting Group
  • Data Quality Requirements by Laura Sebastian-Coleman (author): Data Quality Center of Excellence Lead at Cigna
  • Competing with High Quality Data – Building and Executing a Successful Data Quality Approach by Rajesh Jugulum (author): Global Director, Data Strategies at Cigna
  • Master Data Management: Defining MDM Maturity with a Continuous Improvement Approach by Mark Allen (author): Manager, Enterprise Data Governance at Anthem, Inc.
  • Metadata Management as a Key Component to Data Governance, Data Stewardship, and Data Quality by Dalton Cervo (author): President and Founder of Data Gap Consulting
  • Data Quality Strategy in a Big Data Analytics World by Alex Borek (author): Senior Consultant and Digital & Analytics Expert at Gartner
  • Setting up a Data Quality Risk Management Program at your Organization by Alex Borek (author): Senior Consultant and Digital & Analytics Expert at Gartner
  • Superb Data Governance is not the Outcome by Lisa Allen and Michael Rose at the Environment Agency
  • Data Quality in Emerging Markets by Gary Allemann: Managing Director of Master Data Management
  • Top Data Governance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by Nicola Askham: The Data Governance Coach at Nicola Askham Ltd.
  • Through the Looking Glass: An Analytical Approach to Targeting Data Governance by Jon Evans: Information Specialist at Equillian
  • Using Lean Principles to Manage the Data Value Chain by Mario Faria: Chief Data/Analytics/Digital Officer at CDO Inc
  • Destination: Data Town – A (Fun) Path to Better Data Quality by Bill Florio: Business Analyst at New Leaders for New Schools
  • Aligning Data Quality with the Business in Energy Retail by Mark Humphries: Information Management Consultant at IPL
  • Enabling Greater Data Intelligence Through Grass Roots Data Quality Efforts by Don Jenkins: Vice President of Operations at EnerNOC
  • Data Quality Management on a Shoestring Budget by Dylan Jones: Editor and Founder of Data Quality Pro and Data Migration Pro
  • It’s What’s Inside That Counts: How Your People Can Lead Your Data Governance by Charles Joseph: Data Quality and Governance Leader at Beazley
  • The Three Legged Stool – How Data Privacy Compliance is Supported by Data Governance and Data Quality Practices by Daragh O Brien: CEO/Managing Director of Castlebridge Associates
  • Making Data Quality Metrics Meaningful to Business Sponsors and Stakeholders by James Phare: Managing Director at Data to Value
  • Data Quality and its Impacts on Decision-Making by Christoph Samitsch: Software Developer at Lutz
  • Welcome to the Data Zoo! by Julian Schwarzenbach: Director of Data and Process Advantage
  • Applying Data Quality and Confidence in the Environment Agency by Angie Wills and
  • Rebecca Strickland at the Environment Agency