Tech Briefing: Data Quality for the Business with Diaku Axon

Data Quality is of huge importance to the modern business.

Good data brings cost savings and competitive advantage while reducing operational risk. To be truly successful, data quality should be a consideration for all business stakeholders, not limited to the data / technology community.

In this tech briefing, we learned how Diaku Axon, a distinctive data governance-driven solution, brings context and understanding of how data quality affects the business by embedding a variety of data governance and data quality related functions within the business itself.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the business impact of data quality
  • Generating the business case to fix data quality
  • Leveraging data quality output across the business
  • Data quality through a business lens
  • Collecting & standardising data quality rules
  • Data quality governance
  • Simple root-cause analysis with business engagement

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About Diaku Axon

Diaku Axon Insight is a knowledge and governance repository for the business community to collaboratively and progressively capture & govern understanding around its core business facets: data, processes, policies, regulation, projects, reports etc.

Diaku Axon Insight puts understanding first. Understanding brings people closer together and lowers barriers to changing behaviours.

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