Data Visualisation Techniques for Improved Data Quality, Guy Cuthbert, Atheon Analytics

Data Visualisation for Data Quality - It's in the patterns!

Data Visualisation for Data Quality – It’s in the patterns!

This presentation features renowned data analytics experts Guy Cuthbert and Ian Hall from Atheon Analytics

Following a presentation on the theory behind data visualisation, Guy and Ian provided an engaging, practical account of how they discover serious defects using advanced analytics techniques.

The episode closes with details of a practical tutorial and free trial software you can use to build your own experience in this discipline that has so many applications within the data quality process.

Trial software discussed in this episode:

Ian Hall

Ian Hall is Commercial Director for Atheon Analytics a company that  helps clients to get understanding from data. Working predominantly in the retail sector, Ian works with large FMCG clients, helping them to take the large data sets that are available, and turn them into something that can be easily understood, interrogated and communicated, using best practice visual tools and techniques.

His background is non-technical, but he understands the business challenges – having been a buying manager at Tesco, and a supplier to all the major multiples.