Data Quality Pro Spotlight: 26th April 2013

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Data Quality Spotlight

When Bad Data Quality isn’t Bad Data

Henrik Sørensen of InstantDQ posts a short but intriguing post that explores whether many of our problems with data are attributable to the raw data or the interpretation.

Classifying Data Problems

Elliott King of Melissa Data provides an interesting trio of data quality classifications that might help you simplify the categorisation of data issues in the future.

Driving business value by data quality

Gary Allemann gives some tips on prioritisation and measurement of data quality drawing on established frameworks.

Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement

Laura Sebastian-Coleman provides an in-depth interview into some of the essential techniques required for Data Quality Measurement and Data Quality Assessment.

Are You in Debt to Data Quality?

Graham Rhind laments the recent data quality blunder at ING in the Netherlands and the inevitable fallout amongst customers.

Data Governance Spotlight

Own up! Who wants to take ownership of data?

Ronan Brennan with another excellent post in his series of data governance insights, this week he provides some strong views on data ownership that may challenge your thinking.

Data Governance Trek

Only Jim Harris could apply Star Trek to Data Governance, read on and add your own metaphors.

Establishing Data Governance, Part 2: 10 Universal Components

Priya Patel explores how to implement data governance within healthcare organisations, drawing on materials from the Data Governance Institute.

A Model Driven Data Governance Framework for MDM

Christopher Bradley of IPL and Eldar Bjørge, Leading Advisor – Information Architecture at Statoil share their presentation at last worlds EDW conference.

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