Data Quality Pro Spotlight: 12th April 2013

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Data Quality Spotlight

Names Addresses and National Identification Numbers

Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen of InstantDQ looks at the challenges of managing party data when faced with global complexities.

How to Measure the Cost of Data Quality Problems

Loraine Lawson interviews Ted Friedman to learn more about the many financial impacts that occur when data quality heads south.

When Poor Data Quality Kills

Jim Harris looks at some of the different scenarios where poor data quality can go beyond financial costs and into far more serious territories.

Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement

Gordon Hamilton highlights the new book by Laura Sebastian-Coleman who we will be interviewing on Data Quality Pro shortly.

5 Signs That You Are Running a Clumsy Business

Richard Northwood talks about some of the data quality and governance gaps that can beset every business and hold them back.

Data Quality – One Habit at a Time

Dylan Jones on the Data Roundtable looks at the challenges of attempting to boil the ocean when starting out with data quality management

Data Governance Spotlight

Top Four Reasons Why Financial Services Need Solid Data Governance

Steve Sarsfield gives his take on why the financial sector needs to wake up to the benefits of Data Governance.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Nicola Askham discusses the benefits of visualisation and imagery when pushing forward with Data Governance initiatives.

Setting up a governance program for effective management of investment product master data – Part 8 – Data Dictionary

Ronan Brennan provides an in-depth account of what is required in a data governance focused data dictionary.

Data Governance Needs a Gravity Assist

Jim Harris talks about how the perfect alignment of projects and programmes can be instrumental to your data governance success.

80% of Data Governance is Showing Up

Janine Joseph introduces 4 areas that should be addressed to ensure that we make the most of our data governance efforts.

Master Data Management Spotlight

Who is Responsible for Master Data

Axel Troike explores some suitable ownership models for master data.

Centralizing and Mastering Social Media Data

Mohamed Riyaz of InfoTrellis addresses 8 topics that he believes are key to the concept of a centralized and managed hub of social media data.

Jill Dyche’s Talk at Gartner MDM 2013

Always insightful to hear MDM experts commenting on other industry thought-leaders, hear Dan Power reviews a recent presentation by Jill Dyche of SAS.

Virtualizing Access Through the Master Data Index

David Loshin provides insights into how data federation and virtualization can help deliver a vision for MDM.

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