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Axon - Data Governance Software from Diaku

Diaku provide groundbreaking Data Governance Software with a range of consulting services with highly experienced data governance practitioners

Axon is a pioneering collaborative governance software suite allowing a distributed user base to govern core business objects based on the following principles:

  1. Collaboratively build a shared understanding
  2. Describe objects, their usage, context and relationships progressively in business understandable terms
  3. Apply appropriate roles to govern & control change
  4. Assess business suitability & performance

Axon is ideally suited to solving some of the most complex regulatory compliance challenges by providing a tailor-made governance framework and knowledge management centre. Some of the world's largest financial organisations use Diaku Axon to meet their compliance needs.

Axon - Data Governance Software Features

  • Local data dictionaries with business definitions, usage, properties, structures, full data lineage and business transformation logic
  • Mapping of local data dictionaries into central business glossary
  • Rich business glossary allowing building of semantic models
  • Capture data usage and business context of data; links to business processes, change initiatives, policies, data quality rules etc
  • Managing DQ rules & standards, thresholds, lineage, materiality. Provision of dashboards at various levels of aggregation
  • Managing accountability model across all objects e.g. data, business process, system, policy etc.
  • Managing of change processes across all objects along with workflow support to control change
  • Rich graphical insight maps to visualise end-to-end data lineage along with powerful analytic tools
  • Versioning of data definitions and value lists stored, ability to baseline data sets.
  • Rich dashboards to measure macro quality of the data landscape in terms of coherence, duplication, fragmentation etc.

Axon - Technology Features

  • Simple to administer and deploy: Fully web-based with no local install required on user desktops (IE6 supported)
  • Platform independent: Technology stack consists of OS, DBMS, Webserver, Java container
  • High scalability: Create a total data governance enterprise framework for the entire organisation
  • Cohesive application design: Axon is designed from the ground-up for data governance functions
  • Low CPU and memory requirements: No need for additional computing resources, ideally suited to business workers
  • Low total cost of ownership: Our licensing and technology approach ensures that every corner of your organisation can become data governance enabled

Find out more about Diaku Axon and the next generation of Data Governance technology in this product fact sheet bundle.

Data Governance Consulting

Data Governance Consulting Services from Diaku
Data Governance Consulting Services from Diaku

Diaku is a proven one-stop solution provider for data governance: designing and implementing the most appropriate governance framework for your organisation while also delivering the required infrastructure to establish an environment of understanding and responsibility around data.

Diaku has more than 10 years experience in data governance which has allowed us to develop a best-of-breed data governance framework. The Diaku data governance model is unique in the industry as it is truly business-led, getting data governance out of committee dark rooms and into the workplace.

Diaku provides key personnel for every stage of the implementation from data governance specialists to evangelise and make the case for governance through to skilled resources for design, rollout and BAU running of data governance functions.