Data Management Roles and Responsibilities – PDF Download from a B.C Ministry

Data Management Roles and Responsibilities

Data Management Roles and Responsibilities

How have you defined the data management roles and responsibilities in your organisation?

Want to get some resources to help you? Read on.

Data Quality Stewardship Resources

A key element of any data quality or data governance initiative is defining the boundaries of ownership and stewardship of data. To help you create the guidelines in your organisation
I’ve come across a very useful resource courtesy of the Forestry, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Ministry in B.C, Canada.

If you take a look at this link you’ll see a well constructed set of policies and tools that every organisation should be managing.

For example, there is an Information Management Glosssary for explaining jargon, anintegrated data dictionary (only applicable to their systems), Data Custodianship Guidelines and Guidelines for Best Practices in Data Management: Roles and Responsibilities.

I love the fact that these documents have been opened up, more organisations should do this, particularly in the commercial sector. It appears that the public sector is innovating far more in this space. For example, when the UN asked for help to Improve Data Quality in Climate Data they received several acts of support and even the offer of pro-bono consultancy.

Share Data Quality Resources And Insights

So, if you have great documentation like the Forestry, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Ministry in B.C why not share it, get feedback from the wider community and improve on it. What you lose in competitive advantage is negligible compared to the value you’ll receive. Sharing frameworks and policies doesn’t create competitive advantage anyway, it’s execution that counts.

Thanks to Jeremey Janzen who originally shared these resources in the Data Quality and Data Governance LinkedIn group.