Managing Data Governance in the First Six Months: Interview with Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach

How do you manage a greenfield data governance program in your first six months of leadership? 

In this interview Nicola shares her insights on:

  • ​When to adopt a data governance framework
  • When to get started with a data governance committee
  • When to adopt new technology to support governance / quality functions
  • The core tasks of a newly hired data governance manager

About Nicola Askham

Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, is an independent data management consultant. Her experience in coaching both regulatory and non-regulatory organisations to design and implement full data governance frameworks, is unique within the Data Governance field. The coaching approach enables organisations to self manage the process beyond initial implementation.

Nicola’s coaching and Data Governance workshops, including Solvency II, ensures your data governance framework is embedded as an integral part of your business as usual policy. The benefit for you is that once the framework is in place your organisation will be confident, competent and compliant.

Nicola has worked in Data Management for ten years and during this time has helped many companies with their Data Governance initiatives including Lloyds TSB, Thomson Reuters, The Ministry of Defence, Marks and Spencers, Direct Line Group and Aspen Insurance.

As well as being a Director and Committee Member of DAMA UK, Nicola is on the Expert Panel of and regularly writes and presents internationally on data governance best practice.