Tech Briefing: Data Governance – Beyond Definitions, into the Business Reality of Data

Data definitions are central to any data governance solution. At the same time data governance initiatives often struggle to drive real change as it is definitional and pure governance work fail to engage the business community.

More often than not data quality and alignment issues are people issues and your data governance initiative will need to be able to bring those communities to the table and incentivise and empower behavioural change.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How data definitions can be grounded into the business reality
  • How a multi-faceted business view on data can be captured
  • How data and business understanding can be crowdsourced
  • How a shared understanding can serve as a catalyst for business engagement and alignment

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About the presenter:

Patrick Dewald is a Data Governance Architect and founding partner of Diaku, the creators of Data Governance software solution - Axon. Patrick has a wealth of experience designing Master Data Management and Data Governance solutions for financial institutions. He has been heading up Data Governance initiatives, designing and implementing group-wide data services from the ground up for the best part of 15 years. Patrick is recognised by his peers as a thought leader in the field of data governance.

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