New Program for Growing or Launching Your Data Management Consultancy

Grow your data management consultancy

Do you own a data quality, data governance or data management focused consultancy (but want to increase sales and take it to the next level)?

Have you ever dreamed of launching your own data management consulting firm (but were put off because of the effort of getting started)?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you will be interested to hear more about a new coaching program being offered by the founders of Data Quality Pro.

The Data Management Consultancy Growth Program: New Intake Available

Companies are constantly on the search for consultants with a specialism in data quality, data governance, MDM and many other niche skills.

But the challenge is finding them (and ensuring they find you!)

Most data practitioners are not skilled in content marketing, positioning, branding, selling their services and building a high growth strategy.

The Data Management Consultancy Growth Program is a unique coaching program where you learn everything required to launch and grow your own data management consulting firm.

It has been created by Dylan Jones, founder of Data Quality Pro and a veteran data management consultant with extensive experience of running a successful consultancy that leverages modern sales and marketing techniques.

How can the program benefit your data management consultancy goals?

The coaching modules are designed to address your consulting growth challenges at any stage.

It doesn't matter whether you are yet to launch, or are fully established,  the tutorials and case studies will explain why each step is important, how you will benefit and then how you can execute.

A key theme that runs throughout the program is the importance of content marketing for lead generation and business growth. Essentially we help you develop a content strategy that promotes your business and attracts new leads, even while you're working on customer sites.

Once and for all, you can beat the 'feast and famine trap'.​

What are the core modules?


Historic Content Discovery

Learn how to build a repeatable process for discovering the exact content for fuelling your consultancy growth.


Deep Project Profiling

Discover what makes your consultancy unique (and attractive) by reviewing your past projects that can convert into fresh opportunities.


Case Stories That Sell

Learn how to transform your approach to case studies to make them a centrepiece of your lead generation and content marketing strategy.


Auto-Email Prospecting with Expert Content 

Learn how to create the right type of content and internal processes to build traffic, conversions and sales opportunities.


The Expert Webinar System

Learn the exact system we follow on Data Quality Pro to create high-end webinars that deliver thousands of leads.


Scaling Your Solution Ladders

Learn how to radically innovate your business model by adopting new concepts, products and services.


Creating the Complete Consultancy Platform

Learn how to put all the pieces together: Website design + build, sales materials, blogs, white papers, webinars, invoicing, email + CRM, lead generation


Executing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to plan and commit to an annual content marketing schedule and editorial calendar that fully aligns with your busy consulting engagements.


Building a Repeatable Sales Process

Learn how to create a streamlined sales process using 8 'traction triggers'.

 Create a process that continuously improves your optimal sales method.


The Consultancy Re-Imagination Method

Learn how to re-think your business model by adopting new concepts, products and services that finally help you break out of the 'daily rate' trap and scale your business.


Applying R&D to Find Your Power Position

Learn how to understand exactly what solutions your target market demand and how you can create a 'Power Profile' to differentiate and attract the right type of prospect.


Translating Events into Consulting Growth

Learn new tactics for transforming popular data management and business related events into a steady stream of new prospects and advocates for your data consultancy.

In addition to the core modules, we have introduced a series of practical case studies and 'how to' style tutorials in the form of Bonus Modules:


LinkedIn for Data Management Consultants

How to get the most out of your LinkedIn presence through a combination of branding, social media content marketing strategy and specialist networking.


Content Marketing on the Professional Web

Step-by-step case study tutorial showing you the exact steps required to promote content and find customers using your own content marketing strategy.


Building a Data Consultancy Website

Step-by-step tutorials and templates explaining how to design and launch a website using two of the world's most popular website delivery platforms.


Design, Create and Promote Webinars

An 'over the shoulder', live view, of the exact process you can use to generate hundreds of new contacts every month to help grow your consultancy.

Latest Student Feedback

Super useful and takes away the stresses of an entrepreneur

This course offers all the right ingredients to enlighten you to act. The material is super useful and takes away the stresses of an entrepreneur. It provides professional and easy tools. Yet, the icing on the cake is the expert advice that puts you on the move. Thanks a million!

Goes way beyond a list of things to do

The Data Consultancy Growth Program has been an excellent experience. Dylan offers practical advice on the things you really need to do in order to run and grow a successful data consultancy. This program goes way beyond providing a list of things to do. It shows you the correct manner to go about them and offers invaluable examples and advice as you go. This comes highly recommended!


Note: In addition to the prices quoted below, we offer flexible payment plans to help you spread the investment over longer periods.


Instead of buying the entire program, just 'pick and choose' the modules you want

1 x Practitioner

Individual modules 
(Single Module)

  • Video Tuition
  • Detailed Guides
  • Templates
  • Case Studies
  • Community Group
  • 7 day guarantee
  • 12 Months Access
  • Tutor Support
  • Group Webinars

£250 - £500* / module

+ UK VAT (if applicable)*


The perfect plan for the practitioner / owner looking to grow their consultancy

1 x Practitioner

Total Owners Program
(All Modules)

  • Video Tuition
  • Detailed Guides
  • Templates
  • Case Studies
  • Community Group
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Lifetime Access
  • Tutor Support
  • Group Webinars


+ UK VAT (if applicable)*


Implement the complete program across your consulting practice to maximise growth

5 Practitioners

Team Program
(All Modules)

  • Video Tuition
  • Detailed Guides
  • Templates
  • Case Studies
  • Community Group
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Lifetime Access
  • Tutor Support
  • Group Webinars


+ UK VAT (if applicable)*

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If at any point during your guarantee period you feel the Data Consultancy Growth Program isn't right for you and your consultancy goals, just notify us and you will receive a 100% refund.