Creating a Successful Personal Data Quality Business

Study this series of study guide tutorials to help accelerate the success of your data quality business.

Creating a Successful Personal Data Quality Business

What’s involved in creating your own successful data quality business?

In this presentation series we discover a range of useful techniques for helping members improve the performance of their existing or future data quality business.

Topics include: Marketing, Proposition Design, Networking, Delivery and Business Model design.

How do you launch and sustain a successful personal data quality business?

This is part 1 of a 4 part series, this session looks at the reasons for your starting your own personal data quality business.

In this Data Quality Pro coaching session, Dylan Jones, founder of Data Quality Pro and a successful data quality business owner, presents a series of proven techniques for helping you deliver:

  • A compelling proposition that is engaging and memorable
  • A network of high-value referrers and customer prospects
  • An online and offline presence that is the envy of your competitors
  • A simple marketing and sales strategy that doesn’t eat up your time
  • A pipeline of new opportunities that ensure long-term success

If you’re considering the launch of your own data quality business or you just want to take your current business to the next level then this webinar will give you the tactics to take you forward.

The webinar will feature case studies of existing businesses, providing practical advice on where each company can improve so that you can learn exactly how each technique will apply to your own situation.

Please note, the following videos are also available on YouTube in various dimensions at the Data Quality Pro YouTube Channel: