Tech Briefing: A Pragmatic guide to BCBS239 compliance: inventorise, connect and control


BCBS239 explicitly challenges the silo driven structure of firms today with clear requirements to bring a holistic enterprise understanding of risk data, risk data aggregation & reporting. 

In the following Tech Briefing webinar recording, Data Governance expert Patrick Dewald of Diaku demonstrates how their innovative technological solution enables financial institutions to capture data aggregation building blocks along with interconnectedness, lineage and governance.

Leveraging 10 years of R&D and hands-on experience with data and reporting projects at legal entity, Business Unit and Group levels, Patrick explains how financial institutions can successfully empower people across the organisation to ‘visualise’ and enhance bottom-up and top-down risk data aggregation and reporting capabilities.

This recording provides an overview of the BCBS239 challenges and how to solve them.

Topics that are covered include:

  • Context of the BCBS239 regulation
  • High level requirements for the Risk community
  • High level requirements for the Data community
  • Practical dimensions of a data solution

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BCBS239 with Diaku Axon (Data Governance Software)

About Patrick Dewald

Patrick Dewald is a Data Governance Architect and founding partner in Diaku.  Patrick has a wealth of experience designing Master Data Management and Data Governance solutions for financial institutions. He has been heading up Data Governance initiatives, designing and implementing group-wide data services from the ground up for the best part of 15 years. Patrick is recognised by his peers as a thought leader in the field of data governance.

For information about Diaku Axon, visit the product profile page: