Introduction to Agile MDM: Interview with Craig Cox, Agile Solutions

For many organisations MDM is perceived as a complex, costly and often lengthy project.

However, speaking to Craig Cox of Agile Solutions recently it’s clear that there are alternatives to the huge “big bang” style approaches of MDM.

During our 30 minute interview we discuss a range of topics including:

  • What are the common mistakes with MDM that companies make?
  • What does an agile approach to MDM entail?
  • How do you structure data quality for MDM?
  • What skills do you need as an MDM practitioner?
  • How can organisations reduce the cost, scale and complexity of MDM?

We recorded the interview below and I’ll be meeting up with Craig again shortly so if you want to learn about any more specific techniques his team adopt then let me know your MDM related questions.

About Craig Cox

Craig Cox is the MDM practice manager for Agile Solutions.

He is an Information Systems Professional with over 25 years experience of delivering complex IT solutions across a number of industries, in both end user and consulting roles. 

You can contact Craig Cox by contacting him here.