EU Data Protection Law: Leaders Guide To Compliance Through Data Quality And Governance, Featuring Daragh O Brien of Castlebridge Associates

Proposed EU Data Protection Law provides a potential springboard for Data Quality and Data Governance

Proposed EU Data Protection Law provides a potential springboard for Data Quality and Data Governance

Much of the focus on the recently proposed EU Data Protection Regulation has been on the introduction of the “Right to be Forgotten”, the increased transparency requirements for processing, and the significantly increased penalties that are proposed.

However the Regulation creates a further point of synergy for Data Governance and Information Quality Professionals seeking to establish an organisation wide mandate for improving the quality of management of information in the organisation with the subtle but significant shift towards a process and governance based model based on an internal focus on process and controls, including the appointment of a “Data Protection Officer” role with a statutory function, a mandate based on the Regulation, and a clear requirement for appropriate funding and training to be provided.

Join Daragh O Brien of leading specialists Castlebridge Associates as he outlines a potential roadmap for the development of this aspect of the Regulation, discusses why the process focus is a benefit to all organisations, not just large ones, what the potential skill set may need to be for an effective Data Protection Officer, and why qualified Data Governance and Information Quality Professionals will be up to the challenge.

Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien

Contributor Bio – Daragh O Brien

Daragh is the founder and Managing Director of Castlebridge Associates.

He has a degree in Business & Legal Studies from University College Dublin, and is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society

Daragh has developed and taught courses in Information Quality Management and Data Protection for a number of organisations in Ireland and has provided consulting services across industries as diverse as Health Care, Telecommunications, and Financial Services.

Prior to founding Castlebridge Associates Daragh worked for over a decade for a leading Irish Telecommunications company in roles as diverse as Call Centre operations, Single View of Customer Programme management, and Regulatory Compliance and Governance.

Daragh is a regular presenter and trainer at conferences in the UK and world wide. 

Apart from his consulting and education work, Daragh is also an active member of the International Association for Information & Data Quality.

He lives in Wexford in the South East of Ireland

Company Website: Daragh’s personal blog (opinions are his own)

Twitter: Twitter: @daraghobrien