IQCP Study Guide: Data Migration Resources To Download And Study

IQCP Data Migration Study Guide

IQCP Data Migration Study Guide

The IQCP Study Guide includes a requirement to study topics on Data Migration (see pg. 27) under the Information Management category so this post provides practical resources that should help with your IQCP preparation.

The resources listed in the study guide list a few examples but there are lots more available and some of the ones listed are a little out of date. I thought it would help to expand that section with some additional reading.

Original IQCP Study Guide recommendations for Data Migration:

All of the recommendations fall under “Domain 6: Sustaining Information Quality”

Category: Assessing data conversion/migration risk

Philip Howard – 2008 – Data Migration Market Update

I think the author of the Study Guide meant to link the 2007 Data Migration Survey instead as the Market Update has less value than the research paper. You can download a copy of the research from the Rever website:

or the Bloor website (sign-up required):

The following document provides an insight into data migration and was a precursor to Phlip’s research.

Since 2007, Philip has updated his research and the latest findings from 2011 are available here:

Other articles that may be worth exploring in this category include:

  1. Data Quality Rules Tutorial 2 of 4: Relational Integrity Constraints
  2. Ensuring Data Quality in Data Conversion by Arkady Maydanchik
  3. The Problem with Data Migration Scoping by John Platten
  4. Data Migration Project Checklist

Category: Incorporating data quality best practices in data migration project plans

The Study Guide cites: “Chapter 8, Information Product Improvement: Data Reengineering and Cleansing Section – Re-engineer and Cleanse Data: Process Steps, Introduction : Larry English, 2009”

This refers to the original publication: Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality: Methods for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits.

I think the latest publication (Information Quality Applied) may be the better option for people who don’t have Larry’s original book. Larry updates his methodology in several areas and also applies his approach to specific areas such as Customer Care, Product Development, Supply Chain Management and e-business for example.

In the latest book, Chapter 8 becomes “The Step-by-Step Guide to Data Correction and Controlling Data Redundancy” (TIQM Process P5). Most of the steps in that process are useful reading and there are some very specific sections that are relevant to data migration (such as the ETL sections).

Other resources to consider for this category include:

  1. Data Quality-Centric Data Migration with John Morris [Part 1 – The PDM Framework]
  2. Data Quality-Centric Data Migration with John Morris [Part 2 – Roles and Responsibilities]
  3. Misconceptions of Data Quality on Data Migration Projects, featuring John Morris
  4. Data Quality Rules Process for Data Migration, featuring John Morris
  5. Data Quality Best-Practice for Data Migration, featuring John Morris
  6. Data Migration Project Checklist
  7. Best-practices for content data migration
  8. Data Migration for Project Leaders (signup required)
  9. Data Migration Handbook for Business Leaders (signup required)

Category: Typical reasons why data conversion/migration projects fail

Data Migration – so is there a better way? White Paper by John Morris

If you can think of other references to add do let me know using the comments below (or email me at and I’ll add it to the list and update the new Wiki when it goes live.