The Data Zoo by Julian Schwarzenbach

“Psst…you’ll love this, that new Head of Data Quality only wants us to become data stewards, he’s having a laugh…”

The Data Zoo

by Julian Schwarzenbach


How do personality and behaviour impact the success of your data quality project?

In this feature, expert panelist and active community member Julian Schwarzenbach of Data and Process Advantage publishes an excellent white paper covering his popular series on different data behaviours and how they can impact data quality – the data zoo.

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The Data Zoo by Julian Schwarzenbach - Click to Download

The Data Zoo by Julian Schwarzenbach – Click to Download

In the Data Zoo Julian explores how the distinctive data behaviours operate, looking in particular at their positive and negative traits. 

Julian then suggests ways for engaging with each data behaviour type to improve how data quality is managed. 

Julian Schwarzenbach

Julian Schwarzenbach

Julian Schwarzenbach, Creator of “The Data Zoo”

Julian Schwarzenbach is a Director of Data and Process Advantage Limited and has over 20 years experience in asset information management in a variety of industries, particularly utilities and transport. 

Roles have included the management and development of asset management systems in utilities, management of system enhancement projects, development of asset data provision processes, assessment of the effectiveness of asset data provision processes, requirements specification for new asset information systems.

Julian presents regularly on the subject of asset information and is leader of a project run by the Institute of Asset Management to document good practice approaches to asset information quality.



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